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Lunch with Laurence

Laurence took me out for lunch and coffee and Diet Irn Bru and it was good.


Laurence Deveney

So, I took Laurence to Tribeca over the weekend to get these pancakes I won’t stop talking about. Actually, I had the french toast this time. I think I prefer it. Anyway, it was one of those extremely bitter days, which you can probably tell by the look of Laurence. I’ve always said I like winter, but this year I seem to have gone off it and am weirdly pining for some warmer weather. I hate the bulky clothes and shoes we have to wear in this weather, it makes me feel huge. I’d gladly walk around naked. I’ll do it if you do.


Laurence Deveney

Been on a bit of a lens flare kick lately. You may not recognise him as a result, but this is Laurence, who I recently shot at the Sugar Sheds in Greenock. We went for coffee yesterday, which was a perfect day for it, followed by food and drink at Lebowskis. Okay, I have been in Lebowskis a few times now as it’s very close to my home, but I didn’t realise they had 22 varieties of White Russians, which is obviously what The Dude in The Big Lebowski drinks. I’m going to make my way through them all, try and stop me!


Laurence Deveney at Sugar Sheds

Cobbled roads, rich reds, graffitied doors… Why haven’t I shot at Greenock’s sugar sheds before? Today I briefly met up with Laurence to take his photo. He’s not unfamiliar with my camera, so I knew how photogenic he was. I told him to give me 30 minutes of his time, wear a suit, and meet me at the Sugar Sheds.


Laurence Deveney

Yesterday I met up with Laurence Deveneny for a brief coffee at the The Hidden Lane Tearoom, which seems to be becoming a regular haunt of mine. I met him when he depped for the drummer in the funk band at my friend’s wedding. An alternate shot is on my Flickr.



I had a really great evening with Laurence down in my old neck of the woods. The air was so fresh and I had forgotten how quiet it is there. My mum is looking after Indie for the week as I’ll be in Manchester this weekend, so we stopped by to take her a walk after dinner. See? 25 miles from my dog and I still make my Indie: 52 weeks happen.