Afternoon Tea at Mar Hall

It was my gran’s 81st birthday a couple of weeks ago. I presented her with a list of birthday options, including dinner at a nice restaurant and go-karting. A knee operation didn’t stop my gran from zealously choosing the latter, despite me having actually listed it as a joke. I managed to talk her into afternoon tea at Mar Hall instead, which we finally did today. Maybe we’ll do go-karting next year, gran.

Anyway, afternoon tea at Mar Hall has become my favourite afternoon tea to date. The coffee was good, the chairs comfy, and the cakes brought to you in a doggy bag if you couldn’t manage to scoff them, which we couldn’t. Surprisingly. Oh, and the company was good craic. Happy birthday, gran!

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  1. Murray says:

    Happy Birthday to yer Gran….looks a total character!

    We were there a couple of weeks back…..too many cakes and not enough sandwiches. No doggy bag though…..none left!

  2. Matt Clark says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets coffee with afternoon “tea” haha. I took my gran for afternoon tea for her 90th last month, she loved it!

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