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The other week I was approached via Flickr regarding purchasing a license for one of my photos. For anybody who uploads original photographs to the internet, there will be many unfortunate instances where you see your photo being used without credit. So, when somebody not only seeks permission to use a photo I’ve taken, but offers to pay me for a license, it makes me feel a certain gratitude towards that person. Therefore, I gave the person in question permission to use the photo for free, provided they linked to my blog. Little did I know that the photo would be used for EightPointNine, a shop offering fresh, personalised, coffee blends. And as a thank you, they sent me my very own blend of coffee. Then I took photos of it.

Get yourself some, too!



  1. Dave says:

    AH nice! I really like the use of natural light through the little plastic window in the bag!

  2. David Hughes says:

    Lovely photos as always, but can I ask coffee question?

    What is that intriguing coffee pot you have there?



  3. Rohith says:

    Beautiful and subtle tones, love your work..!!

  4. David says:

    Love these. Great natural light photos of a very enjoyable subject, I am not tempted to order some 🙂

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