Last week saw my third jaunt to Belfast, the second of which has been to attend Build. I’ll keep it brief, but Build had quite a profound impact on me this time around. I guess I feel at a transitional period in my career, full of energy towards the projects I’m working on and making positive changes to my business. I’ve also been itching to surround myself with creative people lately, which Build gave me an opportunity to do (especially on Friday when I did a bit of work in the co-working space, Black Box, and was able to show some people what I’ve been working on and garner feedback). I must attend the next, and final, year.

Aside from the conference, Belfast has plenty of great pubs and photogenic streets. This was one of my favourite streets, and so I photographed one of my favourite new people, Jack Smith.



  1. Kane says:

    I like that jumper very much!

  2. Sacha says:

    I absolutely adore your photos, there’s really something special to them. May I ask what’s your setup, regarding camera, editing software etc.? 🙂

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