Canon AE-1

I’ve been using the Canon AE-1 David (@pomennedy from Simple as Milk) lent me. To be honest, I got my first camera at age 19 (a point and shoot Panasonic), by which point the move into digital was well under way. I then upgraded to a dSLR and never looked back. Using this has been my first introduction to film, and what a lovely introduction it’s been. I’m hoping film will change the way I think about each frame, or at the very least inject some excitement into photography once again.

Canon AE-1



  1. Matt Soria says:

    If you’re looking into getting one, you might consider getting the AE-1 Program, which isn’t a whole lot different, but the differences might be in your favor, depending on your preferences. For one, it has a Program mode, but if you usually shoot in Manual mode anyway, that’s not really a bonus, but it also has an LED light meter in it instead of the needle, which might be slightly less precise, but is quite helpful when shooting in low light. It also has a better battery cover. I shoot with the AE-1P and I absolutely love it!

  2. Paul Stewart says:

    I have the Canon AE-1P. It’s so tactile and amazing to use. That confirming shutter bump and then the exciting wait to get the film developed is awesome. Good to see folk picking these up now. Also great to keep the pics as we rarely get stuff printed these days 🙂

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