Carolyn Visits

Carolyn, my sister, is letting her flat out during the Fringe festival, so she’s house hopping for the next month and will be through in Glasgow for a chunk of it. Everybody knows I like my own space (I’ve lived on my own for 7 years), so I find it really difficult having people in my home for lengthy periods of time. Further to that, we both work from home so have been in one another’s company allll day. Agh! Anyway, the nice thing about having my sister here is we can go for lunch and talk about business and I can take photos of her pretty face. So it ain’t all bad.



  1. Doug Bardmass says:

    She is a pretty thing, but I wish you wouldn’t show me food when I am starving, no breakfast.

  2. Brent says:

    Gah – the two of you are 101% gorgeous. Nice shots. <3

  3. Craig says:

    You too are so similar, and yet not.

    She looks just like you, but without the smile.

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