Classic Car

Another classic car spotted in Ruthven Lane, although the model escapes me (I am not a car enthusiast, they are just pretty to photograph).

Classic Car



  1. Matt Clark says:

    Just did a quick google, and pretty sure it’s a Citroën 2CV (also not a car enthusiast)
    Great photo though!

  2. Wonderful ! i realy love your photoes <3 good luck !

  3. Robbie Noble says:

    Hey, it’s a Citroen 2cv, the 2 tone paintwork is the charleston edition, which is slightly higher-spec….you get a full size speedo and can open the roof from inside and…..that’s it! I know this because I have the same car, not this one but identical, over in southside! 70mph if you get a tailwind! Feel free to come and picture my C reg charleston in Crosshill anytime 😉

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