Clyde Skating

Skating by the Clyde seems pretty dumb to me. What if you don’t land that trick and your board goes bye-bye? That’s precisely what happened here, straight into the Clyde. Even I found it painful to watch and it wasn’t my board. RIP, Mikey’s skateboard.

Davo text and said he was skating nearby my flat. I brought my 28mm and dog, the latter of which was an awful idea (she was afraid of the skateboards), and set about taking some action shots. Have I mentioned I am terrible at photographing skateboarding? I am terrible at photographing skateboarding. It’s definitely a lot of fun, though, and something I want to do more of.



  1. A lot of good lenses have been destroyed by skateboards. Definitely scary stuff. Nice photos Ash!

  2. … i’m still not over this tragic day! Last night, i woke up in cold sweats, reaching out for my deck, but alas, it is gone!

    I guess it could have been worse, it’s not like the next day i went and split my knee open playing football or anything…. oh wait!

    The pics are awesome!!!
    you should definitely join us again sometime…not at clydeside!

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