Coronet Folding Camera

Somehow, I’ve found myself in possession of this camera—a Coronet 120 film camera, dating back to 1926. 1926! I’m unsure if it’s in working condition, or even how to use it in the first place. At the very least it will make a pretty ornament on my coffee table. I can’t comprehend the amazing sights this camera has captured.

Coronet Folding Camera



  1. Dr. ISO says:

    why not run a 120roll thru it? It probably still works. There’s nothing in those old cameras that can’t work, really.
    I have my granddads Kodak Vollenda 620, it was his War-camera – and it still works OK. I had to file off the edges of the new 120 plastic rolls, because they are thicker than the old ones, but other than that its cool.
    Its an awesome street camera too, because nobody thinks its an actual camera! 😉

  2. Andy says:

    That looks gorgeous!

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