Family Trip To Paris

I finally made it to Paris, taking my mother and sister along with me. The crepes were tasty. The Eiffel Tower was impactful. The men are handsome, but they smoke. We walked 8-10 miles every day. I got to use Uber for the first time. People taking selfies at the Eiffel Tower made me laugh. I saw the hotel my dad took my mum to when she was 21. Jack Russells are popular in Paris. I’d like to go back.



  1. I falso been there recently for the first time. It’s the most beautiful city I had the opprtunity to visit. – after my hometown Porto 🙂 –

    BTW nice photos! 🙂


  2. Andrea says:

    I’ve never been to Paris, but now that I’m learning French I dream about going there everyday!! And your photos just made me want to visit the city of love even more!! ^_^

  3. Ahh it’s been a year since I visited. These photos bring back memories.
    Jabeen x

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