Freckly Shoulders

If you’ve followed me enough on any of the outlets I use to talk about photography, you’ll have noticed I’m trying to understand shooting with off-camera flash. I think the light in this photo is well balanced enough, but it doesn’t look anything special. I’ve been beating myself up lately, laying in my bed with my laptop when I should be sleeping, looking at photos the strobist masters have shot, and wondering how it looks so amazing when mine look so ordinary. Hah.



  1. Alright, two things. No, wait, three things.

    1. You look fantastic, naturally very pretty.

    2. The photo looks really good, for a self portrait I think it’s super. The first thing that you focus (after the obvious male habit of lifting the retina from the hinted cleavage [What? Heterosexual male, it’s practically impossible not to]) on is your eyes, really sharp. Then the light bouncing off your collarbone, it’s all very nicely composed. Well done.

    3. I know how you feel about the beating up – you’re struggling with what I would consider advanced concepts in photography, I still feel like I struggle with the gross basics of point and shoot sometimes. Photography is total hobbyist stuff for me, (although I will one of these months have enough spare cash for a 50mm f1.8 … until then the bog standard lens for me!!) and I’m sure I’ll get a bit better at it as time goes on. Your blog is amongst about a dozen different photography blogs I read regularly, alongside endless browsing of the likes of – and honestly, your shots are just as good as anything else I’ve seen.

    Dinna gie up. You’ll crack it soon enough and wonder what you were haverin aboot.

    – Johnathan / @williamsonj

  2. Doug Bardmass says:

    I must say, your eyes look as if they could see right into my soul, a picture I can look at once and close my eyes, days later, and still see. Oh the freckles are cute;)

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