Getting Lost Up Ben Lomond

Continuing on from our coffee adventure, Laura turned 25 and wanted to get lost up a mountain. That we did. I’m not an experienced outdoorsy person, which I proved by getting lost before we’d even stepped foot outside of my car. Within an hour of our walk, we had accidentally veered off the beaten path, yet continued to ascend Ben Lomond through the rockiest, roughest terrain. It was a workout!

Laura took a keen interest in her surroundings, interacting with nature, investigating mushrooms and making friends with hairy caterpillars. I, on the other hand, was more interested in taking photos. Of course, none of them really could do the wonderful views justice.



  1. Eena says:

    Where is this place? The scenery is perfect in the photos.

  2. An amazing place if you want to get lost and create some nice photography.

  3. Bipin says:

    Ashley, great scenery and pictures. A photographer friend who lives in Alexandria, not too far from where you took these according to the google map, keeps telling me to come up to visit him so he can take me to capture come FAB outdoor picture.

    After seeing this I will definitely be taking up on his offer and coming next year.

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