My plans fell through last night fairly last minute. Not to worry, I thought, it’s Glasgow and there’s always something to do. Right enough I got a text from one of the guys I longboard with, reminding me his band is playing at the Merchant City Festival, and an hour later I was sitting in a beer garden with one of my oldest and best friends who is visiting from Brooklyn, New York, where she now lives. This was the view from the house party I ended up at.



  1. Lou says:

    Hey, you’re in Glasgow and you longboard? I’m pretty new to it all but completely hooked!! Any chance of meeting up with you guys sometime to ride together (and pick up some skills?!)

  2. Alison says:

    Hey, I’m in glasgow and I’ve just started to longboard. Any suggestions to any good spots?

  3. Lou says:

    Kelvingrove park is the obvious choice, but in the east, all the areas around the new Commonwealth arena are sweet! All lovely new smooth tarmac with some slope 🙂 Some areas around collegelands too…

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