I was fortunate enough to bring in the bells surrounded by some of my oldest friends. A large group of us – most of who I know from high school – headed to Strachur to spend an evening in Strachur House, a mammoth 40+ room mansion. We danced at a local ceilidh, before retiring to the house library to count the clock down to 2013, following it up with a boogie in the ball room. Fun!

The drive to and from was, as always, breathtaking. Getting away from Glasgow is a much needed reminder that Scotland can be easy on the eyes.




  1. Such a breath-taking shot. I love that glimpse of sunshine over the mountains.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Ted Rysz says:

    Nice job Ashley. As always, lovely.

  3. Matt says:

    Great shot!
    Do you generally use a tripod when taking landscape photo’s such as this?

    • Ashley says:

      For landscapes I typically would, but I didn’t with this shot as I didn’t have one on me. Because of the time of day, I still got a reasonably narrow aperture without having to compromise on ISO.

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