Hello, Autumn

In an attempt to build on my directional skills and practice ‘lifestyle’ photography (bit of a buzzword, but whatever), I enlisted the help of Kay Slater who I had shot with at the beginning of Summer. With this shoot we explored locations I typically haven’t spent much time at. Starting off in the Merchant City at the cathedral, which was unfortunately undergoing renovation and masked in blue tarpaulin (not pretty), and moving into the city centre for a brief stint at George Square. We headed to Kelvingrove Park for a change of scenery and nature shots, followed by some of the quainter streets in the West End. Lots of autumnal colours and dampness!

Glasgow, you’re a cracking wee city.



  1. Paul says:

    Great job. Love the color, texture and emotion. They look amazing.

  2. Ted says:

    Amazing work Ashley and a beautiful model. Very classy work.

  3. adiferd says:

    great 😀 I love autumn

  4. Leo says:

    Amazing, I like these series.:)

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