As you all know by now, I am crazy about dogs and photographing them. They are my favourite animal. When out walking Indie, I came across a 9 week old pup called Lupo. He’s a Eurasier, which is apparently quite a rare breed of dog (I don’t think I’ve ever met one). At first sight I thought it was a Japanese Akita. Either way, I wanted to steal him, but I think his master would have noticed.



  1. Rachel says:

    Awwww!! Look how happy he looks in the second photo! 🙂 I love dogs too, just wish I was as good at taking photos of them as you are! My poor doggy runs away when I try to take a photo of him 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Nice photos! I’m also fond of taking pictures of animals. My own dog is my favourit model.
    But I have to correct you, Eurasiers are not so rare here in Germany, they are quite popular.

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