Lyle Hill

On my way to the dentist this morning, I purposely took my camera so I could stop off at Lyle Hill and take some photos. Lyle Hill overlooks Gourock and is – whatever the weather – undoubtedly a beautiful place. One thing I’ve realised about myself is that I enjoy being up high. I like being high. It makes me feel at peace, and any issues with my business or crazy ex-boyfriends feels far away, almost non-existent. I’m going to spend more of my life being up high, okay?

Also, I enquired about straightening out my vampire teeth at the dentist. The guy said you can get adult braces that are barely visible and only need worn for 6 months. This made me very excited until he mentioned they are £2500. Suddenly I am okay with my vampire teeth.



  1. Gweebs says:

    Liking the photo’s. Find it hard to sometimes figure out if I should get more sky or more landscape.

    Half – Half pictures are boring.

    Have you played around with clarity/contrast for the sky in pic 1??? Maybe HDR look??

    • Ashley says:

      Thanks Gweebs. Personally I tend to avoid HDR. There are very few examples of HDR I like. The sky in the pictures is untouched, it was just a beautiful morning.

  2. Jon says:

    My brother and I used to love the Lyle Hill (less so the cycle up from Greenock where my gran used to live). This has made me want to come back!

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