Martin and Gayle’s Wedding

Elisha Clarke, a photographer from Ireland, asked me to second shoot a wedding she had flown in from Dublin to Glasgow to photograph. I had been following Elisha’s blog and her Twitter for a while, so I couldn’t pass the opportunity to work with (and learn from) her. Elisha had asked me to do ‘photo documentary’ style of shooting, hanging back and capturing the more candid moments, so you’ll definitely want to check out her set of photos, which show a different take on the day.

The couple, Gayle and Martin, got married on the 11/11/11 at 1:11pm, and there were lots of cute touches to this wedding that I personally loved.



  1. Elisha says:

    I’m so glad you were there on the day. It was great fun having you there to converse with and degenerate idea too! Look forward to seeing you next month. Let’s do some street shooting in Dublin šŸ˜‰

  2. Martin says:

    These are great. I particularly love the picture of the bride in the mirrored space at the GoMA.

    (I found your blog looking for some pictures of the sugar sheds. Nice work!)

  3. Jack says:

    Oooh, favourite set I’ve stumbled across in a while I think. Nice work Ashley!

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