Meet Me At St Louis

Every Sunday, for the rest of our lives. I’ll have waffles with bacon and maple syrup, please. And a latte ‘cos I’m a fatty.

When Lindsay asked where I wanted to go for brunch, I asked her to take me somewhere new. It’s easy to get into a habit of visiting regular spots, and while I will always wax lyrical about Tribeca’s french toast, it’s Glasgow we’re talking about and there are a thousand other places to discover. Enter St Louis cafe, which is on Dumbarton Road nearer to the Partick end of the city.

After OD’ing on sugar, we drove to Holmwood for a play in the sun and yet more coffee. Perfect Sunday!



  1. SamRevel says:

    That first photo is awesome! Shame cheat day isn’t til Saturday, I could use a sugar/carb coma right now

  2. Himanshu Sachdeva says:

    There is life in your every picture. 🙂
    love the photography, god bless you!

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