Men in suits and tailors to boot

This was a fun and varied shoot I did for a local fashion company, with a focus on a unique tailoring experience and high quality products. I got to satisfy my desire to shoot candid (photographing the in-store tailors as they worked), and taking models outdoors for some shots. The weather was on my side, and the indoor environment I shot in quite inspiring. Win!

I tried zoning in on the details that made the store unique; focusing on the fashion magazines that were laying around serving as inspiration to the tailors, as well as capturing the tailors working on the fine details of the clothing. They were pretty wired in to their work, I don’t think they even noticed me.

Usually on shoots I find myself mainly using my trusty 50mm, but this was the odd occasion where the 28mm gave it a run for its money.



  1. Rick Nunn says:

    Amazing set Smashpops, I bet they were stoked.

  2. Steven Grant says:

    I’m sure I went to school with that guy

  3. kym says:

    oh I didn’t see this, great set. I love the first diptych, the one where he is smiling and looking down. He’s bloody handsome!

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