Morning Long Exposures

I shot this at ƒ20 with a 30 second exposure. How did I do such a thing in broad daylight? Because I got a ND filter from Wex Photographic! I’m late to the filter game. I actually have quite a minimal set-up with my equipment (well, I think I do), so I tend to refrain from adding accessories to my camera bag, but it’s fun to do something different. I don’t often shoot landscapes, but I’ll be trying more of them now I have this filter. I’ve even attempted some 5 minute exposures at night, although those didn’t turn out so well… Practice!

DM4C9955 (1)


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  1. Chris says:

    Great shot Ashley! Trial and error is where we learn things I guess?! I tried a long exposure last night and whilst it was a little frustrating it was also a good learning curve.

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