Murray and Aly’s Engagement

I’m super excited to be shooting Murray and Alyson’s wedding this summer. Murray and I first crossed paths in 2009, back when I picked up my first dSLR and started seriously playing with it. We’ve kept in touch over Facebook, Flickr and the like, and I’m chuffed he thinks my photography has developed enough to have me shoot his wedding. I don’t need to tell him this, although I already did, but Alyson is an absolute keeper. Best of luck guys, see you in June (and no farting at the wedding, Murray).



  1. Murray says:

    Amazing pal! Love these, cant wait for June 🙂

    Parp! x

  2. Paul says:

    Cracking pictures! Murray showed me the above one in black and white and i thought it was awesome.

    Great pictures and i have also seen the ones in Inverclyde Now.

    Great Work.

  3. Gweebs says:

    Great photo’s.

    Have you considered removing the white cable? Little bit of Photoshop?!?!

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