Olay The Shar-Pei

I know, I have this terrible habit of stopping people and asking if I can photograph their dogs. I wish I was even half as confident asking if I could photograph them, but that’s never the case. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually seen a Shar-Pei in real life. They’re quite simply not common dogs in Scotland. Couple that with the fact Olay is a mere 9 weeks old and you can imagine my heart melted a wee bit.



  1. Alan says:

    They pictures are EPIC, love them.

  2. Calzo says:

    Great photo’s and a great name for the wee fella.

  3. Zach Inglis says:

    When I lived in Illinois downstairs had one and also my best friends in Florida had a few but I’ve never seen them in the UK.

    These are genuinely awesome photos. The tan of his coat against the jet black floor is awesome 🙂

    Did he have a wire coat one or a soft one? My favourites of course are the latter.

  4. gemma and siobhan says:

    hey just looked on your website to see if you got the pics up of my baby boy. the pictures are amazing !!!!!!. hes a brush coat redfull sharpei his mums great gran was one of the first sharpeis in the uk so he is from good blood 😀

    • Ashley says:

      Oh Gemma, I’m glad you stopped by. I tried emailing you but it bounced. I must have made a spelling mistake.Did I get his name right?!

      • gemma and siobhan says:

        yep the name is right wee olay. its just gemmamcshane1@hotmail.com me n my partner were soo happy to see him on here and think he looks amazing a good pic to keep for the photo album cause he wont be small for much longer

        • Ashley says:

          Ah, I had sent them to a hotmail.co.uk address. I have some more so will be sure to email you them. But now it is time for bed! Nice meeting you and the pup.

  5. Design Kanya says:

    I love your photos & equipment as much I love your website.
    Lovely pictures!

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