Referendum Day

I missed all of the fun in George Square yesterday, but—while visiting Mark for what will be the last time ever (he’s moving to Amsterdam next week!)—I equipped my street photography kit and tried to capture some action. There wasn’t much. I think everybody’s exhausted.

Honestly, it’s difficult to describe how it’s felt living in the heart of Glasgow the past few weeks in the build-up to the referendum. It’s been full of passion, excitement, division and tension. It’s been a mixture of things, from one extreme to the other.

I’m sick of talking about it now, so here are a couple of pictures of people in kilts with Yes stickers.


AeroPress and Doughnuts

After Paddy recommended I buy an AeroPress, I went to my local espresso bar and bought one (alongside some of their freshly ground beans). I also happen to have a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts kicking about after a visit to Edinburgh yesterday to check out wedding venues with my sister (she’s getting married, not me). Man, there is nothing better than the smell of a fresh batch of coffee.



These past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of photographing up and coming singer / songwriter, James Hopkins (aka PlayMaker). His tune, One More Night, has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. I’m going to try and catch his big launch gig at O2’s ABC in Glasgow this winter, ‘cos I think this boy is onto something.


Sheryl In The Abandonded Biscuit Factory

I’ve been busy. I only have two weddings left to shoot this year, and I’ve picked up some other work along the way, as well as continuing to photograph my friends—including Sheryl. I’ve been using Pixieset to deliver client photos lately, switching over from Dropbox. I just upgraded my account today, in fact. I’ve been banging on about it for a fair bit on Twitter, so it’d be safe to assume I’m on the engineering team or something, but nope, I just really like it.

My next update I’ll be sharing images from a recent shoot with an up and coming singer / songwriter. He’s only 17, but I’ve had a lot of fun photographing him over the past …


Summer Road Trip To Glencoe

I set my alarm for the unthinkable hour of 5AM, but we had to chase the good light. Armed with coffee in flasks and half a dozen cameras, we road tripped to the Scottish Highlands while everyone else was still in bed. It was worth the 5AM rise.


Dan Rubin

Last week, I spent a few days in Cardiff, Wales because I was speaking at Practical Takeaways about ‘Bringing Creativity Into A Non-Creative Industry’. It was good craic. I got to meet Alex Mills (and his eyebrows) from The Apprentice, spend some time with The Nicest People From The Internet, Craig and Amie Lockwood (by the way, Amie is working on a tremendous book that intends to break social norms. Please back it on Kickstarter!) and Dan Rubin, who I’ve invited to Glasgow in the past to host a Glasgow Photo Walk workshop. He is no stranger to the camera, that’s all I’ll say.


Sam + Trisha

Earlier this month, I traveled the furthest south I’ve been (in the UK) and photographed Sam and Trisha’s wedding in Lewes in sweltering heat no Weegie is prepared for. It feels cliche to say, but it really was a spectacular wedding. Lewes was a treat to photograph in, with quaint buildings and a castle nearby, and Sam and Trisha themselves were a beautiful couple. Imagine my delight when I turned up and was told the wedding was outdoors. Yas, natural light! This just doesn’t happen in Scotland.

Thank you, Sam and Trisha.


Geri’s Hen Weekend

I was humbled to be invited to Geri‘s hen weekend. I have to say, it was certainly a hen party of variety, with the obligatory dancing until the AM, but also trips to the beach, ice cream, and a night in with Play Doh (which is way more fun than it sounds. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much).

I also met Laura, who is in this photo I took at Musselburgh Beach. Laura rarely wore shoes and always sat on the floor, not the sofa. I really like that about her.


Hiking With Mark

Nature. Exercise. Hydration. Cameras. Good Saturday hike with Mark, even if he was feeling a bit hungover! I need to make more time for getting out of the city on the weekends I’m not booked for work. It beats an idle day in front of the PlayStation, especially when finishing the afternoon with lunch by the loch.


Greig Millar

It’s been a while since I shot just for fun. I’d forgotten what it feels like. I asked Greig if I could photograph him after watching Into The Wild, noticing a distinct resemblance between Greig and Emile Hirsch. Greig isn’t used to being in front of the camera, not that you could tell—it was a very natural shoot and he didn’t mind the occasional stares as we scouted the Merchant City for good spots to shoot. Maybe that’s because he’s a musician and is actually an attention whore.

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