Martin and Gayle’s Wedding

Elisha Clarke, a photographer from Ireland, asked me to second shoot a wedding she had flown in from Dublin to Glasgow to photograph. I had been following Elisha’s blog and her Twitter for a while, so I couldn’t pass the opportunity to work with (and learn from) her. Elisha had asked me to do ‘photo documentary’ style of shooting, hanging back and capturing the more candid moments, so you’ll definitely want to check out her set of photos, which show a different take on the day.

The couple, Gayle and Martin, got married on the 11/11/11 at 1:11pm, and there were lots of cute touches to this wedding that I personally loved.


Good Morning, Glasgow

I sat down to finish off a client’s photos at 8.00am, hoping to be completely finished by the time ‘real’ work began at 9. The sunrise, however, caught my attention and was too good to resist, so several minutes later I was running towards the Clyde with my tripod and camera in hand. Landscapes don’t generally interest me much, but when the light falls a certain way they can really push my button. In fact, when the light falls a certain way, it can make any subject push my button.

I only fired off a couple of frames of the clyde at different exposures. Winter mornings can be so pretty.



An impromptu shot of Abigail Barr modelling my sister’s latest dress design, Moonbeam. I like this dress, it’s a bit different to the floor length evening gowns my sister usually designs. I always love shooting Abigail, so I mentioned to her about setting up another big shoot like last time. Especially as I bit the bullet today and ordered a new lens. *gasp*

Another on my Flickr.


Moody Landscapes

Are these landscapes? I don’t know. Cranes. Lots of cranes. Anyway, been shooting some moody scenery lately, though that’s not been entirely down to me, we can blame the Scottish winter for that. At least it showed how dirty my sensor is. Wow, I’m embarrassed. When I return I’ll have a clean sensor and will inject some colour into this blog.


Remembrance Day in Greenock

Waking up early on Sunday morning, I was met with an email from the editor of a Greenock news site asking if I’d cover one of the many remembrance ceremonies in Inverclyde. I just so happened to be down that way photographing a couple’s semi-new addition to the family¬†and all the times collided nicely, so I agreed to do a bit of documentary style shooting.

I arrived at the ceremony a minute late, and unbeknownst to me walked into the memorial with the announced “VIPs”. How embarrassing. Anyway, it seemed fitting to do these in black and white, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a batch black and white post on my blog.


Laurence Deveney

Been on a bit of a lens flare kick lately. You may not recognise him as a result, but this is Laurence, who I recently shot at the Sugar Sheds in Greenock. We went for coffee yesterday, which was a perfect day for it, followed by food and drink at Lebowskis. Okay, I have been in Lebowskis a few times now as it’s very close to my home, but I didn’t realise they had 22 varieties of White Russians, which is obviously what The Dude in The Big Lebowski drinks. I’m going to make my way through them all, try and stop me!


Street Shots

Yeah, seems I’m itching to do street photography every weekend now. Saw lots of interesting characters today with it being the lead up to Christmas, which means Glasgow is swarming. This is good because it means people don’t notice the girl with the camera so much (which people¬†do, and they stare at you like you’re a fucking weirdo), even if Indie does draw attention to me by barking at pigeons. Anyway, for whatever reason I wasn’t on the ball with my shots today, so I came away a little disheartened.


Couture By Carolyn

You may have noticed by now, but my sister makes dresses. She often turns up at my flat in Glasgow (she’s from Edinburgh) and says “Hey, I have a model coming around in an hour. You have to shoot her.” and before I know it my flat is invaded by attractive women modelling Carolyn’s clothes, making me feel fat and crossing my fingers all my gear is charged. The shot below was one of those days.


Street Shots on Halloween Weekend

While shopping around for my Halloween costume (which is so far a secret, but I can reveal it is of course video game themed), I took my camera into town for some candid, street photography. I’ve been really digging street stuff lately; you never know what you’ll come away with or who you’ll see. Today I came across a parade of men dressed as penguins, as well as a group of kilted gentlemen.

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