Preppy Ayden at Glasgow University

We only had 30 minutes on the parking meter, so this was a hurried, casual but fun shoot on the grounds of Glasgow University. Glasgow Uni is a Hogwarts style building, which I think is a large part of its appeal for many students. I had seen other photographers use the Undercroft and decided – very last minute – I would scout it out and use it for myself. It just so happened Ayden was dressed a bit preppy at the time, so everything worked out quite nicely (I love it when a shoot comes together). However, after 20 minutes the heavens opened and we decided to settle for a burger instead. I’ll definitely be returning to this spot. I totally felt like Rory Gilmore.



  1. Mari says:

    Great shots and you two have lovely blogs! I just got my unconditional offer from Glasgow Uni today, so it was really interesting to see this :o)

  2. Una says:

    Lovely photos. Congrats to Mari (above) x

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