Rick Nunn Visits Glasgow

…And there was a horrendous downpour of torrential rain. Typical! A friend who enjoys shooting as much as I do visits and we can rarely leave shelter. I had made a list, too, and most of it involved being outdoors. Oh well, I guess this means he has to come back. Muhaha.

As you can imagine with Rick visiting (if you follow him at all), there was food, there was coffee, and there were photos with flash (and my lightbulb moment of realising I have to get away from ISO 100 when shooting with flash). Oh, and a wolf thrown in for good measure.



  1. Rick Nunn says:

    We had fun! My pics are here.

  2. mayur says:

    VERY VERY AWESOME , VERY VERY COOL!!!!..juts one question tho.what kinda camera do you use,i mean i like cuz i want to get one i have a NIKON D3100,so yeah!!!thankss again awesomeee stuff!!

  3. Lovely photos, Ashley. The pancakes look tasty and the dog is gorgeous. Those eyes!

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