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I had a really great evening with Laurence down in my old neck of the woods. The air was so fresh and I had forgotten how quiet it is there. My mum is looking after Indie for the week as I’ll be in Manchester this weekend, so we stopped by to take her a walk after dinner. See? 25 miles from my dog and I still make my Indie: 52 weeks happen.


A Glasgow Tradition

I guarantee you that every time you pass the Duke of Wellington statue at Royal Exchange Square, there will be a traffic cone atop its head. It has become a Glasgow landmark. As Wikipedia puts it: “Capping the statue with a traffic cone has become a traditional practice in the city, claimed to represent the humour of the local population and believed to date back to the first half of the 1980s if not before.”



Had a few friends come round last night for some pizza and cider, so I busted out the camera for some straight-up portraits. It’s nice to stand on a chair, be taller than everyone and do some straight-up portraits. These two guys are both called Ryan. They play in These Little Kings with another guy called Ryan.



Ryan and I headed towards Inverclyde for some photo ops and randomly stopped off at Kilmacolm. I had never been before, but there were a few good spots for photos. Some of the shops were quite quaint and a few walls had nice textures / colour, but other than that there really wasn’t much going on.

I’ve had a bit of criticism lately with how much I’ve been using my tilt shift lens, so I tried keeping that to a minimum, but it’s a lens I want to get a lot of practice with before wedding season begins (it’s manual focus only, and generally a tricky beast to nail the shot you want). I did use its shift function, though, to take three landscape shots and stitch them together. I’ll be doing more of that.


FNUK – Funk Nation

I spent my Sunday afternoon in the recording studio with Fnuk, mainly snapping candid shots of them laying down some tracks, but I also dragged them outdoors for some of the natural light I love so much. I would definitely recommend catching Fnuk live if you can, and they just so happen to be playing at Renfrew Ferry on February 10th. Sadly I’ll be in Prague (well, not sadly, but I am gutted to miss them).


Scott Carruthers

Meet the gentleman who is moulding me into a machine. Actually, Scott used to work in the gym I go to and help me train, but now he’s moved elsewhere so I hardly see him. Recently, though, he had me in his gym doing plyometrics and boxing, and nearly killed me in the process. Because he’s helped me out so much, I offered to take his photo – though it was probably more so for my benefit than his. I totally went on a black and white binge here, and it felt GOOD!


Chris Russell

Last night I went to the open-mic night at The Libertine in the Merchant City. I never partake in open-mic nights, but my interesting friend Gary – who also has lots of interesting friends – invited me along. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve taken my camera to one of these things, mainly because I know the lighting is always going to be dire, but sometimes ISO 6400 just works.

An alternative is on my Flickr.


Straight Up Selfy

This is my last straight up self-portrait for 2011. Honestly, I feel like 2011 passed in the blink of an eye, but in reality a lot happened. I moved to the city, took up strength training, went to College, proved that I am not human, and lots and lots of other things. With 2012 approaching – which I’ll be spending the beginning of in Dublin – my mind has of course turned to where I am with my photography.

I want to take more pictures in 2012. I want to take more, better pictures in 2012. I want to practice strobist photography, and I want to do a lot more traveling with my camera (and not be so lazy with …


Casual Pal

I don’t know why, but I took the notion to play with texture. Based on the result I probably won’t be trying again any time soon (or how about I practice more and get better? I don’t want to be as defeatist as everyone else). I took this with my Speedlite. Do I get points for using my Speedlite? I think I should. n00b!

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