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Rohan Gunatillake For Offscreen Magazine

I had the pleasure of meeting Rohan and Emmie of Mindfulness Everywhere for the latest issue of Offscreen Magazine. I’ve wanted to meet Rohan for a while. He lives locally to me and is marrying mindfulness and technology. He’s written a book, built an app, and created a physical product.

I also love Offscreen Magazine. I’m a sucker for print magazines, and Offscreen is of particularly high quality. It’s also of a subject that interests me—creativity, business and tech. You should check it out for a dose of inspiration.


That Office Light

My favourite part of our office space is the light. No wait, the dog. No, I mean the giant bean bag. Actually, I like it all.


Toad’s Caravan

After 8 years of working from home (and going crazy. If you meet me and my social skills are bad, you now know why), I’ve moved my work space into Toad’s Caravan; a creative collective tucked away in the heart of the West End on Ruthven Lane. There’s still available desk space if any of you freelancers in Glasgow are looking for a studio to work from alongside other creatives? Maybe we can be friends. Maybe we can fetch each other coffee. Maybe we can walk to work together. But you have to like my dog, because she comes to the studio with me every day.


My Office

Fancy seeing where I edit my photos? Sure you do. This is one corner of my office. I moved in a couple of months ago and haven’t decorated the place. To be honest, aside from putting a few pictures up and getting rid of those nasty curtains, I’m not sure what I will do. As long as I’ve got my iMac and Aperture (and coffee), it’s all good.