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Coronet Folding Camera

Somehow, I’ve found myself in possession of this camera—a Coronet 120 film camera, dating back to 1926. 1926! I’m unsure if it’s in working condition, or even how to use it in the first place. At the very least it will make a pretty ornament on my coffee table. I can’t comprehend the amazing sights this camera has captured.


Vintage Sundays

Shopping. Admittedly I haven’t done much of it since moving to Glasgow, just because finances are more demanding in the city, but I’ve been working really hard lately (6 or 7 days every day for the past month) and fancied a spending spree. In particular we decided to hit the vintage shops in the West End for a bit of a different experience, something neither of us had done before. However, my big aim today was to buy a longboard, but despite wandering around for hours we couldn’t find any skate shops open. First thing tomorrow I’ma hit up Boardwise!