The Simple As Milk Boys

James, David and Scott (the talent behind Simple as Milk) are spending a few days working from Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. With them being less than an hour away, it was a given I had to meet them for lunch. We had burgers in lettuce buns from Ketchup (I can’t believe we had the willpower to substitute bread for lettuce), and then I had the daunting task of taking James – who is a coffee snob – for a decent cup of caffeine. We hit up Avenue G on Byres Road. He seemed pleased. I then introduced them to Indie while we strolled around Botanic Gardens, which – in their words – was the only pretty place they’d seen in Glasgow! I only get to see their faces when attending the odd conference, so it was nice to spend an afternoon with them.

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  1. Matt Clark says:

    Let them know that whilst in Edinburgh, the best palce to get a coffee is brewlab, it’ll blow even the biggest coffee snob’s mind!

  2. Ally Lane says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with Matt because it’s fun and say Artisan Roast is better than Brewlab. Both are good though.

  3. Matt Clark says:

    You were nicer when you were Ali 🙁
    Artisan Roast is also good, but I find their beans a little more inconsistent than what they serve at brewlab.

  4. More like Sexy as Milk.

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