There’s Two of Them Shambles

Shambles Miller, who I photographed last month, is releasing his single this Friday (that’s the 6th of July). I took a photo of him to help promote it. He is releasing both an A and a B side, both with two different vibes that we have tried to portray in this one photo. Hence the two Shambles, pulling different expressions. I had fun taking these, and we knocked ’em out quite quickly while I was on a break from my big girl’s job. Taking photos is fun.

I wonder which one Shambles will use? His single launch is 6th of July at Vespbar in Glasgow, so make sure you come along to support him.



  1. Kate Dykes says:

    The second is the most convincing imho : ) Although ‘left Shambles’ is adopting a different pose from 1 and 3, less troubled and more resigned…och it’s up to you : )

  2. Michel Raj says:

    The first one is my choice ! Oh, which one did he finally chose ?

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