Views From The 8th Floor

This is the view from the apartment block I live in, but not my actual apartment (I liveĀ wayyy down the bottom). This is from an 8th floor duplex apartment, which my neighbours were kind enough to let me look around. One thing is for sure, I have to work my way up to the very top. Just look at the view of the River Clyde!



  1. Rich Hagedus says:

    Hi Ashley
    I’m writing from the u.s. first let me say that your photography is great. Really, really nice handling of varied subjects. Secondly, love your blog–one of the nicest I’ve seen. Great logo, everything about it is unusual but not to the point of distraction. Your photos are allowed to carry the day. So tell me, is this a custom designed blog or something like WordPress? PS I found your blog b/c it was featured in an article on how web design has influenced print design. In this blog:

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