Wee Wolves

You should know by now I love my doggies, and I have no problem stopping random people to ask if I can photograph their pets (they always say yes, as opposed to what they say when you ask to photograph them). I didn’t catch their names, but I do know the pup is only 13 weeks old and both dogs aren’t related. I also know the focus is a little soft on a couple of the images (namely the one with the Spaniel humping some other dog in the background), but I’m going to let my perfectionism slide in this case as they are CUTE!



  1. Martin Bean says:

    Can I haz one since you have two?

  2. Elisha says:

    Love the last one. Is that a dog humping another in the background? 😉

  3. Actually had a wee inwards breath when I seen the first shot on the homepage.

    My brother in law just took a Husky/Lab cross pup. Their eyes are absolutely stunning. The last shot is brilliant, A for the dogs humping, and B because the gorgeous thing has this look that just says “I’m flipping awesome me, and you know it!”.

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