Abigail Barr

I can’t believe that, of all locations in Glasgow, I opted to shoot Abigail in Govan. Govan isn’t exactly the prettiest part of Glasgow, nor does it have the best reputation. In fact, within 10 minutes of starting to shoot in a disused patch of land, we were approached by two, inquisitive neds with Buckfast. It was 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon! Still, its grungy and – in some places – barren look is great for photos. Plenty of contrast to be had, which is just what I like.



  1. Rick Nunn says:

    Great set of images Ash! I like how you left the images a bit gloomy 🙂

  2. Martin says:

    These are great.
    I love the red background, the B&W down at the river, and all the earthy tones (particularly on the colour shot with the fire escapes). And I love her attitude and the pink ends of her hair.

    I almost love the shot with the graffiti on the fence framing her board. May I criticize a little? I would *really* love that shot if only there was a smidge more height in the fence, so that her hair didn’t bleed into the sky.

    Really strong set of portraits – great job!

  3. Andy Power says:

    MINT! Great set, love the grungy locations, i think the final image (B&W on the fire escape) has to be my favourite, really like the tones in the colour shots and I’m really liking the B&W by the river as well! Top job!

  4. Govan is a great location for taking photo’s. You should have trekked down to the dry dock area. Its amazing down there and its probably not going to be long before the space is developed. Its only a matter of time before clydeside flats are flung up here.

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