I’m Ashley, a natural light, portrait photographer living in Glasgow, Scotland. You’ve probably noticed by now, but I take pictures. I enjoy shooting a mixed bag, whether it be candid shots of life as it happens, or what I’m eating for lunch that day. Work-wise, I primarily photograph weddings. I also post regularly to Instagram, where I’ve managed to build an audience of 80,000+ followers. Let’s work together!

My equipment

  • Canon 5DMKII
  • Canon 5DMKIII
  • 135mm ƒ2.0
  • 50mm ƒ1.4
  • 45mm ƒ2.8 TS-E
  • 28mm ƒ1.8
  • Canon 430EXII Speedlite x 2

IMG_5952Other than photography…

I like JRPGs, leopard print, my russian hat, peppermint tea, explosions, mountains, and my dog, Indie.