Dessert Pop-up Dulce



Day Out In Edinburgh


Sleepy Indie is the cutest.

Bye, Prince Harry

Indie Enjoying the Evening Sun

One of my favourite things to do is take my dog, Indie, to the pub with me. It’s very sociable. A lot of people will approach you and start conversations. She also enjoys being by my side while I sip on a gin and tonic.

Dogs and Coffee

I was thrilled to find this magazine in a book shop in Manchester. It’s called Dog and is about dogs. I love browsing through it with a cup of coffee. My two favourite things!

Last Days of Summer

Drizzly Glasgow

Blake The Toddler


Sunday Morning Drive Through Inverness

Bread Street Brasserie

Fig + Sparrow

This coffee shop caught my eye while walking around Manchester. It’s a design store and speciality coffee bar. I had a long black and coffee cake. If I lived in Manchester I’d be a regular!

Friday Hike Up Conic Hill

Tantrum Doughnuts

Living near Tantrum Doughnuts is both a blessing and a curse. Just look at these salted honey glazed doughnuts. How can I resist?

Mural In Progress

Cat Sitting Prince Harry

Coffee and Croissant

I needed all the fuel before a long day at the Ignite off-site in London. Black coffee and croissant at Notes coffee shop did the job.

My Talented Sister

YO! Sushi Is Back!

An Evening Tasting Scottish Gin and Tonic

Prince Harry

Blake’s Birthday Party

It was Blake’s birthday last month. I can’t believe my nephew is 2 years old. He’s turned into a little chatterbox and I adore having him in my life, reading him books and being silly with him.

His 2nd birthday was the perfect excuse to go to soft play. As a 30 year old woman, I couldn’t resist┬átaking off my shoes and diving about the ball pit with a bunch of toddlers.

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