Carolyn Baxter Dresses

Following on from my last post, I have finally finished editing the photos from the shoot at No.12 Picardy Place. Danielle is flawless to photograph, but I think the entire team who contributed to this shoot is due credit (MAU = Suzanne Craig, hair = Christina Frampton, dress design = Carolyn Baxter).

With the new year approaching, I have been thinking a lot about photography and how I feel about it. Every year I am picking up my camera less. I’ve become quite lazy. Lazy with how often I shoot and lazy with how I shoot. This needs to change.



  1. Mattt27 says:

    That 2nd photo is incredible (as are the rest), would make a great full page magazine advert!

  2. Nat says:

    Beautiful photos, as always. Think I need to get my hands on one of Carolyn’s dresses for my graduation!

  3. Kev Ladden says:

    They could grace the pages of any magazine, great job.

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