Fresh Air

I’ve been feeling a bit ‘under the weather’. A bit blue. I think it’s a combination of too much work on my plate, and my dad’s 10 year anniversary fast approaching.

It’s not a big deal, as there is one thing always guaranteed to lift my mood. Fresh air. Trees, sea, nature… It works every time, and today was no exception. All of this is on my doorstep. Well, a 20-40 minute drive.

Sometimes it’s worth taking a couple of hours out of a busy day to come up for air, no matter how ‘busy’ we are. This has helped clear my head.


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  1. Richard Harper says:

    Breathtaking Ashley! The lake scene has great depth, and actually makes me feel a bit chilly, as if I’m stood on the shore of it! The others all have a fab model-village style to them, with the narrow DoF. Great work, as always!

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