I drove a classic Cortina

One of my final days in Inverclyde before up and leaving for the city was spent shadowing professional photographer, Adrian Brannan. Adrian is probably best known for his acclaimed collages of famous Scottish landmarks. However, a local business had restored a classic 70’s Ford Cortina, and Adrian was photographing a feature on it to be included in Classic Ford Magazine. Now, I’m the first to admit cars don’t generally get me excited. I drive a Mini and break out in a sweat every time I’m forced to park it (I wish I was exaggerating), but seeing a professional at work and on such a different scale to what I usually do, was an invaluable learning experience for me.

Undoubtedly the most interesting portion of the day came at the end, when Adrian had rigged the car to take shots of it falsely traveling at 100mph. Whenever I’ve seen these shots I’ve just assumed there was some expanse of quiet road and a damned good driver. Instead it was a crawling car (which I was steering!) and a 10 second exposure. Seeing as I actually got to ‘drive’ the car for this shot, it’s entirely possible my stupid face ends up in the magazine.


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