Whenever Brittany asks if I want to hang out, I usually reply with, “Yes! Let’s go for food and eat everything and get fat”, but I indulged more than anyone over Christmas (and my birthday, and the weekend, and any day that isn’t even special). This time, I opted for a healthier alternative¬†and suggested we go for a walk.

Brittany recommended walking along the West Highland Way (which I did not know existed) to Mugdock Castle. I’m glad she did. It was a beautiful walk, and my aching glutes suggest my body benefited from it, too.

DM4C9505 - Version 2



  1. Matt says:

    Did you use a tilt shift on that image? Wierd focus on her eyes and the trees in the background. Looks great!

    Also, how much of the west highland way did you do? Assuming it wasn’t the full thing as it takes something like 5 days to walk!

    • Ashley says:

      I did indeed. Didn’t nail the focus, but that lens is TOUGH. No, we just walked to the Castle and around the loch. It was a lovely walk, I might try and cycle some of it.

      • Matt says:

        Ah awesome, thanks for the info. I’ve never used a tilt shift so I wasn’t sure if that’s how you were getting the effect. I think you did nail the focus! Or close enough anyway, looks fantastic!

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