Om Nom. Nom.

Food. Food. Food. I love food, maybe a little too much. I’ve done a little bit of exploring over the past few days, visiting a few of the coffee shops on Finnieston Street in Glasgow with Mark. There are some really interesting options there, for example a vintage shop / cafe combo that I was too intimidated to drink in (it was dark and quiet and… odd). There were lots of tasty cupcakes on offer elsewhere, but I managed to resist them ALL, preferring to photograph them instead (cupcakes are really photogenic, don’t you know).



  1. Lorenzo Reffo says:

    Hey Ashley, I just discovered you today and like your blog, pictures, website, twitter account, whatever, etc! Really inspiring, it’s clear you turn into passionate stuff everything you like!

  2. Pam says:

    Gorgeous photos as always, Ashley! I’m curious, what initially got you over photographing in public places? I don’t mind doing it when I’m with other photographers, but by myself I feel weird whipping my camera out on the street or in restaurants.

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