Sunrise on the Clyde

Like many people I am back to the grind today after the festive break. I didn’t drop the ball too much over Christmas. I reduced my workouts and how much work I was doing, but I still kept things ticking over. It makes it less of a shock to the system today now I’m back in the office with everyone.

I caught this lovely sunrise on my walk into the office this morning.…


Double Exposures

Double exposures with off-camera flash in the studio. Om nom nom.


Rooftop Morning Vibes

Our new office has access to the rooftop, which was especially cold on this chilly December morning.…


Office Portraits Redux

Office portraits with Indie.


Foggy Sunday Morning

It was our gym’s Christmas night out on Saturday, so when I awoke on Sunday I wasn’t feeling fresh and could have slept longer. I looked out the window, though, and saw a blanket of fog and fog is a photographer’s best friend! I immediately grabbed my camera, Indie and went outside to play.



If I meet friends for coffee in town it’s usually at Laboratorio Espresso. The filter coffee is good, and I always pair it with a cannoli. …


Fingal Floating Hotel

As always it was a pleasure to photograph my sister’s new line of dresses. We did this shoot on Fingal, which is a luxury floating hotel in Edinburgh. I’d love to stay overnight at some point. P.S. For the photos with weird effects I just used a tumbler and held it in front of my lens.


Office Portraits

We have a cool feature in our new office, which is a mounted backdrop for photos. You can choose which colour of backdrop you want, wind it down and voilá—you have a makeshift studio. (I just need to wind it down a bit further next time so there’s no crease in the paper.)…



Running your own business can leave you brain dead at times. Some weekends you need to get away from a computer and enjoy the fresh air.

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