Piccolo Saturday

I took a break from working on my photography workshop to check out The Steamie, a new coffee shop in Finnieston. Oh man, I love living in Finnieston. New places pop up all the time. It’s really come along since The Hydro was built.

Anyway, The Steamie reminded me of Artisan Roast in Edinburgh. It’s a welcome addition to Argyle Street—a judgement I’m basing on my piccolo and caramel shortbread. Delicious!

P.S. Due to receiving a number of messages on Flickr about buying licenses for my photos to use (mostly web designers), from now on—when I upload a photo to Flickr—you can buy a license to use it in your work.


John Rush

John Rush and I went to music college together in a past life. In exchange for hot chocolate, I photographed him and his sore thumb in Citizen M. He hates having his photo taken, so I had someone distract him with conversation while I ninja snapped.

Unlike me, John is still making music and playing in Glasgow.



Whenever Brittany asks if I want to hang out, I usually reply with, “Yes! Let’s go for food and eat everything and get fat”, but I indulged more than anyone over Christmas (and my birthday, and the weekend, and any day that isn’t even special). This time, I opted for a healthier alternative and suggested we go for a walk.

Brittany recommended walking along the West Highland Way (which I did not know existed) to Mugdock Castle. I’m glad she did. It was a beautiful walk, and my aching glutes suggest my body benefited from it, too.


Isle of Skye

With scenery like this, who needs to hop on a plane? 4 hours of driving North and I was in Isle of Skye, the largest island in the Inner Hebrides. Admittedly, I should have done a bit of research. It’s January and the whole town (Portree) was closed. No shops, restaurants, or seafood (which—second to taking photos—was what I was looking forward to). This didn’t hamper my experience, though, as I still got to see the Quiraing, which took my breath away!

Visiting Skye has left me fascinated with the slow, sleepy pace of island life. It’s easy to see why Danny MacAskill became the talented cyclist he is… because there isn’t much else to do!

P.S. You should watch The Ridge if you haven’t. It was filmed in Skye.


Third Cup Of Coffee Of The Day

Picked up a fresh bag of coffee from Coffee, Chocolate and Tea in Finnieston for my AeroPress. I’ve been doing a ton of writing today, and this is what’s getting me through. If only my apartment could smell like freshly brewed coffee all day.


Coronet Folding Camera

Somehow, I’ve found myself in possession of this camera—a Coronet 120 film camera, dating back to 1926. 1926! I’m unsure if it’s in working condition, or even how to use it in the first place. At the very least it will make a pretty ornament on my coffee table. I can’t comprehend the amazing sights this camera has captured.



In terms of friendships, I burn a lot of bridges. I find my friendships to be… seasonal, for lack of a better word. People come in and out of my life regularly and I’m okay with that. It suits my personality well.

But then there’s Margaret. I’ve known Margaret for 21+ years. As kids we were inseparable. As adults we’ve managed to preserve our friendship, despite living on different continents (Margaret moved to Brooklyn, New York several years ago). Margaret is humble, down to earth, kind, and genuinely full of good. This is one bridge I never want to burn.


Old Castle Lachlan

This is Margaret. Look familiar? She should. I stayed with her and Dustin (her boyfriend) on my second visit to New York. Strachur couldn’t be any more different to New York, but I love it just as much… in a different way. As a friend of Margaret’s for 21 years, Strachur is home to many of my childhood memories. Today we visited Old Castle Lachlan. It was covered in scaffolding and didn’t make for a pretty picture, but the scenery surrounding it did.


Strawberry Balls

It’s taken a while, but the bubble tea craze has finally hit Glasgow. Bubble tea bars are popping up everywhere, with this one I visited (Tempo Tea Bar) popping up on Queen Street.

I first tasted bubble tea in 2012 when visiting Prague. It’s taken another 2+ years for it to make its way to Glasgow and gain popularity with the Weegies. Ayden and I treated ourselves to some in between shopping for a New Year’s Eve dress. Those balls.


Ayden’s Henna

My friend, Ayden, is always doing interesting and colourful things to her body. Tattoos, blue hair, piercings, henna…

Sometimes, I wish I could be brave like Ayden and alter my appearance. I’ve never changed my hair and I don’t have a single piercing! I’m so vanilla.

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