I was fortunate enough to bring in the bells surrounded by some of my oldest friends. A large group of us – most of who I know from high school – headed to Strachur to spend an evening in Strachur House, a mammoth 40+ room mansion. We danced at a local ceilidh, before retiring to the house library to count the clock down to 2013, following it up with a boogie in the ball room. Fun!

The drive to and from was, as always, breathtaking. Getting away from Glasgow is a much needed reminder that Scotland can be easy on the eyes.


Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas from Inverkip, Scotland. I’m spending Christmas with my family at my Mum’s house. I popped online to share this photo and updated some WordPress plugins while I was at it, consequently breaking my whole site. Bear with my while I attempt to fumble around with PHP. But, yeah, have a great Christmas!


Shipyard Faces

Any opportunity to partake in some street photography, I visited Ferguson Shipbuilders to watch as they launched Hallaig, the first commercial ship to be fully built on the River Clyde for over five years. I was surprised at the turnout; people of all ages – including school kids – had come to wave flags and cheer. And everyone had a camera, which meant I could subtly blend into a sea of lenses.


Christmas Gary

Gary and I treated ourselves to a mulled wine at the Christmas market, followed by pizza at Bier Halle and a milkshake at Mia. I guess that is my cheat day sorted until Christmas, huh? Whenever I’m in Glasgow with Gary we always bump into people he knows, and I realised they are always the most interesting and friendly of folk with a great attitude. It made me think about the saying “you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with”. That is on my mind today.


Indie: 52 Weeks

Every week for 52 weeks I took a photo of my dog. I thought it’d be a great idea; I was snapping photos of Indie all the time and figured it would be nice to look back on in the future. To begin with I had a lot of enthusiasm for the ‘project’, but towards the end became lazy and dragged my heels. There are some photos here that make me cringe, but pushing myself as a photographer wasn’t what this collection was about.

It’s about Indie and how much she warms my heart on a daily basis, therefore capturing my life with her for a short period of time. I don’t know much about Indie’s background; how old she is or how many homes she’s had (I know I am at least her third, and she is probably about 7 years old now), but I know she is a lot of fun to have in my life and that’s why I took these photos.


Ayden and the Gingerbread Man

Ayden and I kick-started the Christmas spirit with a fun afternoon in Glasgow. It began with a deluxe hot chocolate at St Enoch square’s Christmas market. Seeing as we are both in agreement that sweet and savoury have separate compartments in your belly, we then headed for lunch at Lebowskis on Argyle Street (yeah, we sort of did things the wrong way round), before finishing our day at Ashton Lane during golden hour – only my favourite hour of the day.

I met Ayden a couple of months ago at the Next night in Blythswood Hotel, but it turns out we both love food and know some of the same folk. Make sure to check out Ayden’s UK lifestyle blog and give her brownie points for naming her cat Dexter.


Ryan McCartney

A few days ago I received some new kit to play around with. For a while I have been speaking about improving my off-camera flash knowledge, and for a while I have procrastinated. Shooting with natural light has become second nature to me, so it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and (comfortably) introduce flash to my arsenal. Whilst I am far from happy with how this turned out, I’d love to look back on it one year from now and see how much I’ve improved. Let’s do this.



Last week saw my third jaunt to Belfast, the second of which has been to attend Build. I’ll keep it brief, but Build had quite a profound impact on me this time around. I guess I feel at a transitional period in my career, full of energy towards the projects I’m working on and making positive changes to my business. I’ve also been itching to surround myself with creative people lately, which Build gave me an opportunity to do (especially on Friday when I did a bit of work in the co-working space, Black Box, and was able to show some people what I’ve been working on and garner feedback). I must attend the next, and final, year.…


November on Buchanan Street

I think this photo pretty much sums up November. It’s wet, people wear poppies, the Christmas lights make an appearance (but have yet to be turned on), and everyone is wearing big, winter jackets. Still, I really like this time of the year. I can’t wait until Friday when the Christmas market arrives at St Enoch square!


Sunday at Victoria Park

Sunday is a strong contender for my favourite day of the week. I rarely book any work in on a Sunday and use it as an opportunity to be self indulgent. This means playing video games, afternoon cocktails, walking the dog, and generally relaxing as much as I can. Yesterday, Sheryl and I took Ella and Indie to Victoria Park for a stroll in the leaves. I can’t stress it enough, but Autumn really is a photographer’s dream.

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