A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line. It is an especially popular term with “fashion bloggers” and is even the name of a website: (Lookbook.nu). — Wikipedia

A stylish grey and white fur coat complimented with a red harness and piercing blue eyes. Can you say fierce? I took a photo of this girl’s sister and posted it on my Flickr.


A Baby

I think I’m the least maternal woman I know. I talk to kids like adults, I shake their hands when I introduce myself, and when I tell them I work in the insurance industry, I follow it up with “So, what do you do?”. But when I was given this baby to feed, I couldn’t help but feel something. It was fun, and calming, and natural, and I thought maybe if I could skip the whole giving birth part, I might get myself one of these in the future. Or another dog. I haven’t decided yet.


Yo! Sushi

I had a really enjoyable lunch at Yo! Sushi the other day. As much as I like that place, I usually find it too busy and polluted with noise, but we seemed to find a reasonable time to eat (just after 1pm on a Monday). I think I’m borderline addicted to sushi, though there could be worse foods to crave I guess. Anyway, the format of Yo! Sushi suits my appetite; I like the small dishes you can choose as you please and pick at. I wasn’t overly impressed with the pancakes though. Oh, and the lighting is awful for photos!



This photo was taken at the same time my “photo booth” ones were (be sure to click the link so you know what I’m referring to), I just edited it completely different. I quite like the desaturated and moody look of it, I’ll be trying it again with a proper location and not so much a rushed job. And yes, I have no cleavage, but I have a really big personality. Really.


Frank Turner

Another day, another print to hang on my wall. Picked this beauty up at the Frank Turner gig in Dunfermline the other night. Thoughts on the gig? Wasn’t crazy about the support acts, but ho-ly Mr Turner more than made up for that. I was a little hesitant with it being an acoustic set, therefore possibly a little boring, but he knows how to work a crowd.


Glasgow Skyline

I had been wanting to visit Glasgow’s Lighthouse since I moved back here. It basically gives you a 360 degree vantage point of the city. Here’s one of the shots I took. Glasgow isn’t pretty, but I love it.


“I’m curious, what initially got you over photographing in public places? I don’t mind doing it when I’m with other photographers, but by myself I feel weird whipping my camera out on the street or in restaurants.” – Pam


Good question! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit self conscious at times with my camera, especially doing my Strangers Project (which possibly explains why I update it so rarely). I think the enjoyment of taking a photo and subsequently having something to edit and play around with when I get home outweighs the apprehension of taking it in the first place.

People do look at me, but I think that’s something you learn to shrug off the more you do it.


Bright Falls

Did you know I like video games? Mark gave me an amazing housewarming gift; a bright falls poster print. For those who don’t know, Bright Falls is a Washington town found in survival horror game, Alan Wake. Also, my dog Indie always seems to find her way into any photos I take of myself. Ugh!


Om Nom. Nom.

Food. Food. Food. I love food, maybe a little too much. I’ve done a little bit of exploring over the past few days, visiting a few of the coffee shops on Finnieston Street in Glasgow with Mark. There are some really interesting options there, for example a vintage shop / cafe combo that I was too intimidated to drink in (it was dark and quiet and… odd). There were lots of tasty cupcakes on offer elsewhere, but I managed to resist them ALL, preferring to photograph them instead (cupcakes are really photogenic, don’t you know).


Gourock Highland Games

I thought this would be interesting for those of you living outside of Britain, who maybe want a wee glimpse into Scottish culture. This is as cliche as it gets; rain, bagpipes and men in skirts. I tried to find a picture with a ginger person in it, but I didn’t want to take a photo of myself, okay?

Anyway, this was the Gourock Highland Games. I had a press pass for shooting it, but I really just wanted to use it as an opportunity to take some candid snaps of people in the crowd. There are some interesting people out there…

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