Post-Processing: Ryan

Something that is consistently said to me, and I thank those for their compliments, is that my photos have a “crisp, clean” feel to them. There’s no secret, I think that’s mostly achieved through a well exposed photo. I feel I’ve definitely got a groove I work to now, a style I’m developing from simply spending so much time taking photos. Today I tried something a little different, though, after taking the notion to desaturate one of the photos I took on Friday. I made a video, you can watch it on Vimeo. Let me know if you want more of these, or if they are a complete waste of my time.



  1. Inês says:

    So simple, yet so good. I like these, I think you should keep posting them 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks so much for posting this video, I loved it. Don’t suppose you could make a few more but maybe slow it down, like at least 3 quarters of the speed. I am watching this on repeat it would be nice to get it all in one take. Keep up the great work

  3. Gweebs says:

    What software did you use to record what you did on the computer???

  4. Michael says:

    How did you learn to do this, any tutorials you went through?

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