Snow White

One of the most common frustrations I find amongst photographers is not having a subject to practice portrait photography with. Today was yet another Glasgow Photo Walk, and this time I hired a model, Iona, to pose for the class.

It was a tough gig; the sun – as nice as it is to see it – causes harsh light, and Botanic Gardens – the location of our shoot – was heaving with people (“taps aff”, as we say in Glasgow).

I hope the attendees enjoyed themselves, and I can’t wait to see their photos appearing on the Flickr group over the next few days. If anything, today made me aware of my own shooting style as I was explaining to others what I do. Overexpose, bring back blacks in post, contrast with curves, smoooth.




  1. Kevin Ladden says:

    Yeah I’m liking these…

  2. Hello,

    That is a great photograph! Really liked it.
    Is the DOF added in post or not?
    Either way, great pictures on this website!
    Keep up the good work!


    Sundstedt Animation
    Glasgow, UK

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