Sunday in the West End

Today was one of those perfect Sundays; beautiful weather and an impromptu meet-up with a friend at Kelvingrove park. It’s strange, but walking a mere 15 minutes from my house makes me feel like I’m completely outwith Glasgow. Or at the very least it makes Glasgow feel less like a city. The real estate is completely different to the area I live in, I just found it all really charming.



  1. Carl Ahearne says:

    I love your style of photography; I especially like the first image with the very shallow DOF and the colours look very vintage.. Are these photos straight from the camera, or are do you do a bit of photoshop work with them?

    On a side note, I really like your website deisign. It’s very simple, but it has a very modern feel to it with the subtle noise texture.. Love the fixed sidebar; I’d never even thought of that as an idea until I saw your site…

    • Ashley says:

      Thanks Carl. These photos were edited in both Aperture and Photoshop, but I typically only use Aperture as I find it can do most of what I need.

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