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My Nephew, Blake

Words can’t express my┬álove for this little boy.


Baby Blake

Once a week I will drive through to Edinburgh to spend the day with my nephew, Blake. Yesterday we visited Craigmillar Castle, Blake’s first history trip! Doesn’t he look happy?


Malia’s New Friend

Tomorrow is a huge day for the Baxter clan. We welcome my nephew into the family. I can’t wait to meet him, although it still doesn’t seem real yet. We’re a small, fairly close family and this is the first baby to come along, so it’s a pretty big deal for us and we’re all very excited.

This is Malia, my sister’s dog. I’m not sure how Malia will handle no longer┬ábeing the centre of attention. I’ll still make a point of photographing her funny face, but I definitely anticipate a lot of baby photos appearing on this blog.


Wee Shoes

Baby shoes always look so cute, don’t you think? I just couldn’t stop myself from taking this photo as I walked down these stairs. The light hitting the staircase was too good to resist, and the shoes just laying there made me do those annoying, girly noises.


A Baby

I think I’m the least maternal woman I know. I talk to kids like adults, I shake their hands when I introduce myself, and when I tell them I work in the insurance industry, I follow it up with “So, what do you do?”. But when I was given this baby to feed, I couldn’t help but feel something. It was fun, and calming, and natural, and I thought maybe if I could skip the whole giving birth part, I might get myself one of these in the future. Or another dog. I haven’t decided yet.